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Posted in 1 by jc2400 on December 12, 2008

About the time I started this blog, I wrote a review for It may be a little late to mention that now, but I received a comment that’s worth posting.

First, the review was on TinyMe, a fairly light Linux distro. It’s based on PCLinuxOS. I stumbled across a mention of TinyMe by accident on some forum, and–being the distro hopper I am–thought it would be worth trying. It was, and it resulted in the review.

The review can be found at

One comment: someone (in the comments) mentioned that they laughed at the innuendo in the title. Oops. No innuendo was intended–the title came about when I was finishing the first draft. It was late, and I was worn down, but a clever title occurred to me. I was thinking more of “big things in small boxes.” Now that I’m more alert, I can see the other possible intepretation. Oh, well.

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